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DevOps Engineer

Member @Kubernetes | Active Contributor in Kubebuilder | DevOps Coach and Mentor on Youtube and Upwork | Kubernetes Expert

  • Birthday: 10 Feb 2004
  • Website: sajiyah-salat.hashnode.dev
  • City: Gujarat, India
  • Age: 20
  • Degree: Bachelor in Computers-Ongoing
  • Email: salatsajiya7.8.6@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

Highly motivated and skilled DevOps Engineer with 1+ year of expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Jenkins, and CI/CD pipelines. Proud Member of Kubernetes with a strong track record of open-source contributions. Passionate about optimizing workflows, automating processes, and delivering scalable infrastructure solutions.

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I recommend Sajiya Salat as Good Project Maintainer and an Open source Enthusiast. In Hacktoberfest2022 she helped a lot of people in their contributions. She welcomed every Non-code contributors too with the same respect. Being Consistent and sticking to the Process is her special skill and she help folks in their journey. she is very good at giving tips.

Vishwa S

DevOps Enthusiasts & Open Source Contributor

"Sajiya S. is a remarkable talent in the realm of DevOps and cloud technologies. Her expertise in Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible, paired with her proficiency in AWS, makes her an invaluable asset in the tech industry. Sajiya's ability to demystify complex concepts is noteworthy. She seamlessly integrates her technical knowledge with effective teaching methods, making learning an engaging and insightful experience for her audience. Her versatility extends to app development and web redesign, showcasing her adeptness in both backend and frontend domains, including ReactJS. Sajiya's contribution as a DevOps Intern and Instructor is exceptional, making her a highly recommended freelancer!"

Gibran Khan Tareen

Data Engineer

"Have requested Sajiya to present to graduate engineering students through Zoom interactive session. She has gleefully accepted the request and the session was very well received from the students. The topic was on "How to contribute to open source", and few students were interested and started getting involved with open source. I would say, the session yielded results beyond the expectations and would anytime recommend Sajiya for any work around Open source, Devops, Kubernetes and Cloud. "

Khaja Moinuddin

Senior Manager Automation Architect


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Bachelors of Computer Application


Manipal University Jaipur, India


Highly Available and Resilient Application Infrastructure in AWS

  • Designed and deployed a resilient AWS infrastructure, emphasizing VPCs, EC2 instances, auto-scaling, and load balancing.
  • Implemented CloudWatch monitoring with custom alarms for early issue detection, ensuring rapid response through automated email/SNS notifications.
  • Developed strong troubleshooting abilities, enhancing system reliability by swiftly resolving infrastructure errors.
  • Demonstrated automation expertise, streamlining operations with a fully automated infrastructure.

End-to-End DevOps Pipeline: Jenkins, Docker, and Argo CD

  • Successfully designed and executed a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Git, Docker, and Argo CD, automating code testing, quality checks, image creation, and deployment processes.
  • Streamlined the software development lifecycle by integrating DevOps tools, resulting in faster code deployment and improved collaboration among team members through version control and change history.
  • Proactively resolved pipeline challenges, debugged issues, and adapted Jenkins files to ensure continuous pipeline operation, demonstrating strong problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • Effectively configured Jenkins plugins and managed sensitive credentials to maintain a secure pipeline environment, showcasing expertise in ensuring data privacy and compliance.


AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

I have a got a ground rooted level of understanding from this course. I have learnt all the important services used in AWS.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Course

I have gained a hands-on learning through their interactive labs which depicts how Kubernetes Administrator works.

Professional Experience

Open Source Developer

2022 - Present

  • Actively contributed to companies like Kubernetes,Docker, Cilium, KodeKloud, Meshery, and WeMakeDevs, collaborating with maintainers to address and resolve critical issues.
  • Introduced load testing capabilities to enhance the performance of the parseable project with the use of container runtime tool Docker which decrease the load to 50%
  • Resolved bugs in the Kubernetes lab of KodeKloud, ensuring smooth functionality and an enhanced user experience.
  • Authored and curated comprehensive documentation pages: Raising Events in Kubebuilder and Good Practices in Kubebuilder repository.

DevOps intern

2022 - Present

  • Acquired practical expertise in critical DevOps practices and tools, including version control systems, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code, containerization, monitoring, logging, and security best practices.
  • Participated in a structured weekly plan, receiving comprehensive training, engaging in practical exercises, and working on a beginner to medium-level project to apply acquired knowledge effectively.
  • Developed essential skills for excelling in the dynamic DevOps field, ensuring readiness for future career opportunities.
  • Equipped with a solid foundation in DevOps, poised to contribute effectively and seize future career prospects in the industry.

DevOps Coach

2022 - Present

  • Generated informative blogs, videos, and LinkedIn posts centered on DevOps tools and technologies to share knowledge and insights with the community.
  • Contributed to non-profit YouTube channels by creating paid videos to support their mission and raise awareness of devops-related topics.
  • Developed a strong following on LinkedIn, with over 800 followers, and received positive feedback from the community.
  • Offered tutoring and guidance to a client(Senior engineer) on Upwork, assisting in their understanding and proficiency in DevOps tools and technologies.


My Courses


DevOps Journey: From Novice to Pro

In this one-month DevOps course, you'll start from the basics and build the skills needed for a job-ready resume. Gain hands-on experience by working on real-world projects and master popular tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and AWS, equipping you with valuable expertise for a successful career in DevOps.Check out now!

Price: 8000 INR only
Duration: One Month
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